2 thoughts on “Amor é sacrifício

  1. I am very grateful of your opinion brother.for those idea of yours just a very touching phrases which inspired and awaken me to understand more what’s the true meaning and value of Love.
    for the past years that I been experiencing Love from different person each with each own manner; somehow gives me satisfaction,and bring me knowledge of what Love is all about, perhaps some gives me the lesson to learn as well the sense of consciousness on how to receive and share that Love to the others.the satisfaction and regret comes upon a time,then I remain it without any answer,but at the moment I got what been expecting for.
    Once I read about what was written bring an inspiration, particularly some Bible verses which you cought up,such as book of proverbs and Gospel of John.it teaches I whom shared Love and been loved must always keep in mind that Love should be always show in concrete acction according to the very example of God who is giver of Love itself.
    I am appreciate and thank you for your generosity in sharing your capacity and knowledge of love to your brethren; and I am certain that the right perspective of your about love, may influence others to be more conscious on showing, giving and sharing their Love in everyday life…

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